BHSD Data Collection

Beacon is contracted with all 5 Managed Care Organizations as the single entity to collect Medicaid Behavioral Health Supplemental Data (BHSD) in all Integrated Managed Care regions in Washington State, except for King County. In King County, only WISe contracted providers will be required to submit data for WISe members to Beacon.

Beacon also collects BHSD for Crisis and Non-Medicaid funded services in Southwest, North Central, and Pierce County Washington where Beacon serves as the Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization (BH-ASO).

Resources to support the successful collection of BHSD Data will be kept up to date on this site. Check back periodically for updates on this page.

SUD PROVIDERS: Beacon needs to enter into a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (CNDA) with SUD providers. Please review the form, sign and return the signed copy to We will execute the agreement and send you back the final copy.

MENTAL HEALTH-ONLY PROVIDERS: The CNDA is not required as the exchange of data in this arrangement is allowable under HIPAA. However, you are more than welcome to enter into this agreement if you would prefer.

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