For Individuals and Families

Accessing Services

Beacon Health Options helps you get treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. Services include:

Non-Crisis Services for People who are Low-Income, Uninsured and not eligible for Medicaid

  • Mental health evaluation and treatment services for individuals who are involuntarily detained or agree to a voluntary commitment
  • Residential substance use disorder treatment services for individuals involuntarily detained as described in state law
  • Outpatient mental health or substance use disorder treatment services, in accordance with a Less Restrictive Alternative court order
  • Within available resources and when medical necessity is met, Beacon may provide additional outpatient or residential substance use disorder and/or mental health services.

To ask about these services call Beacon at 855-228-6502.

Non-Crisis Services for Apple Health (Medicaid) Members

  • Molina HealthCare plan members: Contact your provider who will register you for services. Or call 800-869-7165.
  • Community Health Plan of WA members: Call 866-249-8174
  • Amerigroup members: Call 1-800-600-4441 (TTY 711)
  • Coordinated Care members: TBD

Crisis Services

  • Professional counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 626-8137 for Southwest Washington and (800) 852-2923 for North Central Washington.
  • Mobile crisis outreach teams staffed by mental health professionals and certified peer counselors are also available 24-7.
  • Short-term substance use disorder crisis services for people intoxicated or incapacitated in public.

Opioid treatment assistance

  • If you are uninsured or have insurance but are unable to afford co-pays, deductibles or spend downs in order to access treatment for opioid addiction, Beacon may be able to help. Beacon received funding through Washington State’s ‘Targeted Response for Opioid Treatment’ Grant awarded by SAMHSA in 2017
  • Eligibility requirements for participation include willingness to participate in Case Management Services with Beacon and income verification criteria
  • Priority populations are based, in part, on participants meeting federal poverty criteria and history of treatment
  • Program administration is based on temporary and limited funding; ongoing treatment and support may not available through this grant

Family Youth System Partner Round Table (FYSPRT)

Beacon manages the FYPRT for Southwest Washington. Download the FYSPRT Brochure or visit the Southwest Washington FYSPRT website:

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Your Rights and Responsibilities

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Stamp Out Stigma

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